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Winterizing your home

Winterizing your home

Keep bugs (including mosquitoes!) out of your home this winter

Winter tends to bring with it numerous headaches – think icy sidewalks, dead car batteries, and early nightfall. You would think Mother Nature would give us a break and eliminate bugs from our list of problems this season, but unfortunately, that’s not the case.


While insects are not seen as often in the winter as in the warmer months, they are still alive and well. Even worse, they are looking for a warm place to stay, and your house may be looking pretty cozy these days…


So how can you prevent tiny unwanted newcomers from overstaying their welcome in your home? Our team at Mosquito Hero has put together a list of tasks for you so that you can winterize your home and keep the bugs away.




1. Hide your snacks!


If there’s one thing insects (like us humans) are after, it’s a snack. Leaving crumbs and other food debris around is a sure-fire way to attract insects to you home. Be sure to store any food in your cupboards in airtight containers where possible. Indoor trash cans should be kept closed with a lid at all times, and outdoor trash cans should be regularly cleaned and kept as far away from the home as possible.



2. Close off any tiny entrances


In case you do miss any crumbs, you’ll want to close off any potential entrances to your home. While us humans will simply use the front door (or a window, if we forget our keys…), insects can enter your home through nearly any tiny opening. To prevent this, you should be sure to seal any cracks, block entry through vents or pipes, and of course, keep your doors and windows closed!



3. Remove any dead plants


As sad as it is for us to admit, sometimes plants die on our watch. If you have any plants in your yard that have crossed the rainbow bridge, it is best to completely clear them from your yard. Dead and decaying plants attract insects, and once they are in your yard, your house is only a few (hundred) insect steps away.



And there you have it: our top tips for keeping insects out of your home this winter. 


If you have any other questions or concerns, we are here to help!

Contact your local Mosquito Hero team today.





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