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Are Mosquitoes Sucking the Fun Out of Your Yard?  

Reclaim your outdoor space with  Mosquito Hero’s effective mosquito control programs. Our service specifically targets the areas where mosquitoes live, rest, and hide. Prevent the buzzing and biting of those uninvited guests and protect your family & pets from potentially dangerous bites. You can rest easy knowing that we stand behind our Mosquito Service Guarantee*!  

Mosquito Hero mosquito control treatment

  • Property Inspection: Before treating, a Mosquito Hero certified technician will inspect your property and identify areas where mosquitoes are known to reside. Cool, shady places such as under decks, covered porches, exterior stairwells or in vegetation such as shrubs, low hanging trees and tall grass are common spots for mosquitoes to live, rest and hide. Standing water is also an attractive breeding ground for mosquitoes. 
  • Targeted Control: Your professionally-trained technician will use specialized equipment to apply our liquid-based formula, strategically targeting mosquito hot spots. This application will create a barrier around your home that will prevent mosquitoes for up to 30 days.
  • Season-Long Protection: Your property will be treated monthly in order to provide you with season-long protection. Our control programs are guaranteed  to reduce mosquito populations in your yard. If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 14 days of the application, we will re-treat your property at no expense.


*Mosquito Service Guarantee:  If you experience biting between monthly treatments, Mosquito Hero will happily re-treat your property. While we cannot guarantee the complete elimination of mosquitoes in your yard - populations will be greatly reduced. Effective population control is greatly enhanced with a season-long mosquito control program. 


What to Expect:

50 Years of Excellence 50 Years of Excellence
Targeted Control Targeted Control
Protection for Family & Pets Protection for Family & Pets
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