Mosquito Hero's Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito Control Services

Are Mosquitoes Sucking the Fun Out of Your Yard?  

Reclaim your outdoor space with Mosquito Hero’s effective mosquito control programs! Both options include custom, targeted control and monthly service from a trained professional, effectively reducing the mosquito population in your yard. You can rest easy knowing that we stand behind our Mosquito Service Guarantee*!  

*Mosquito Service Guarantee: If you experience biting between monthly treatments, Mosquito Hero will happily re-treat your property for free. While we cannot guarantee the complete elimination of mosquitoes in your yard, populations will be greatly reduced with a season-long mosquito control program. Please note that we cannot guarantee a reduction in Cattail Mosquitoes, a species of mosquito that is especially difficult to control; read more about Cattail Mosquitoes .

What to Expect:


50 Years of Excellence 50 Years of Excellence
Targeted Control Targeted Control
Protection for Family & Pets Protection for Family & Pets
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