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Why Do We Feel Itchy When We Think About Bugs?

Feb 21, 2024

Why Do We Feel Itchy When We Think About Bugs?

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We call them “creepy crawlies” for a reason… it’s pretty unsettling to feel a tiny, tickling insect crawling on your skin! But have you ever noticed that just the thought of a bug can make you feel itchy, even if there are no bugs to be found? 


This phenomenon even has a scientific name: “formication.” It comes from the latin word formica, which (appropriately, in this case) translates to “ant.” Formication refers to a physical sensation, like itching, that has no physical cause. 


Severe formication can be the result of serious health conditions, but when we’re talking about the itchy feeling that comes from seeing or thinking about bugs, it's all about memory. When you see an insect near you, or when you picture one in your mind, your brain conjures up all the memories and mental images it has stored up, bringing you life-like discomfort and skin sensations, even though there’s no actual stimulus present on your skin at that moment. 


You might also experience an itchy feeling when you notice that someone else is itching. If someone near you swats at a mosquito or itches a mosquito bite, for example, you might feel the urge to itch as well. This is called a “contagious itch.” It’s caused by mirror neurons, and it’s similar to yawning when you see someone else yawn.


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