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Where Do Mosquitoes Nest? (Part Two)

Jul 29, 2022


In our last blog post, we talked specifically about where mosquitoes nest - in stagnant bodies of water, like swamps, pools, lakes or ponds, as well as small pools of water found around your yard, in places like flowerpots, bird baths, watering cans and gutters. Now, let’s talk about prevention. Mosquito Hero is here to help!


How Fast Can Mosquitoes Reproduce?

Depending on conditions such as air and water temperature, Mosquitoes can take less than a week to a couple of weeks to fully develop. Once the mosquito is in its adult life, it is now hungry and ready to feed. In fact, only female mosquitoes feed on human blood whereas the males feed primarily on flower nectar and other plant matter. In order for the female to reproduce, she must feed on enough blood to where the eggs can nourish from the protein and assist in the development. The other essential part of the reproduction process is moisture. Once the female is ready to lay her eggs, she will nest them in water and from here the life cycle begins again.



How Can I Prevent Mosquitoes From Laying Eggs on My Property?

While there is no way to eliminate the possibility of mosquitoes laying their eggs in your yard, there are a number of precautions homeowners can take to encourage mosquitoes to look elsewhere for nesting grounds. You can protect your home against mosquitoes by monitoring any standing bodies of water on your property. Be sure to seal all water deposits, fix any leaks, maintain pools and ponds, empty out flowerpots after rainfall, and clean bird baths once per week. All these things will help prevent mosquitoes from invading your property.


If mosquitoes have already laid eggs on your property and you are facing an influx of full-grown mosquitoes, you may require additional mosquito treatment. Contact your local Mosquito Hero professional today to spray for mosquitoes multiple times throughout the season!


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