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Where Do Mosquitoes Nest?

A Guide to Protecting Your Home From Mosquito Eggs


There are many kinds of animals that build nests, with the most recognized ones being birds, mammals, amphibians, fish, and reptiles. But these creatures aren’t the only ones who nest – insects do, too. And that includes the mosquito.


What is a Mosquito Nest?

While mosquitoes do not technically build nests in the traditional sense, they do seek out stagnant bodies of water where they will lay their eggs in one place. The more moist areas in your yard, the more mosquito eggs you may have. Female mosquitoes will lay small, white, oval-shaped eggs in rows near or on the water. While 100 eggs is the typical amount for a female to lay after mating, this number can be closer to 200 in some cases! 

These eggs float on the surface of the water for several days before hatching into larvae, which feed on plant matter and molt several times before developing into pupae and, ultimately, adult mosquitoes. Because the mosquito life cycle is only 2-4 weeks in length, infestations can occur in a very short period of time. 


Where Do Mosquitoes Nest?

Because mosquitoes need moisture in order to thrive, they like to lay their eggs near bodies of water, such as swamps, pools, ponds, and lakes. However, they do not need a large body of water to lay their eggs. Mosquitoes can easily flourish in small pools of water that you might find around your yard, like the ones found in flower pots, bird baths, watering cans, empty buckets, gutters, kiddie pools, and even small puddles.


How Can I Prevent Mosquitoes From Laying Eggs on My Property?

While there is no way to eliminate the possibility of mosquitoes laying their eggs in your yard, there are a number of precautions homeowners can take to encourage mosquitoes to look elsewhere for nesting grounds. You can protect your home against mosquitoes by monitoring any standing bodies of water on your property. Be sure to seal all water deposits, fix any leaks, maintain pools and ponds, empty out flower pots after rainfall, and clean bird baths once per week. All of these things will help prevent mosquitoes from invading your property.


If mosquitoes have already laid eggs on your property and you are facing an influx of full-grown mosquitoes, you may require additional treatment. Contact your local Mosquito Hero professional today for further assistance. 


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