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When is Mosquito Season Over?

Sep 23, 2022

With September coming to an end, you may have noticed the temperature dropping where it feels much cooler at night than what it was a month or two ago. Something that hasn’t started dropping is the number of mosquitoes you are likely still seeing. Fall is officially here, and I bet you’re all wondering when these pesky mosquitoes are going to finally leave you alone!


Mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects which means they won’t be sticking around once it gets much colder out. You will start to notice these critters start to decrease in population when the air gets cooler than 50 degrees. Usually, in some states this is late -October to early November that you’ll start to notice no more mosquito activity around your property.

Although, it is based on cooler temperatures so in this case, if the warmer temperatures persist for longer than anticipated, then mosquito season may last longer than November! Usually, it’s safe to say the end of mosquito season is when frost in the morning is a constant battle.



Do Mosquitoes Hibernate?

We discussed how when it gets cold out, mosquitoes will slowly start to disappear. This is generally the case unless there is an unexpected rise in temperature. If this were to happen, then the mosquitoes who were hiding away, will come out and buzz again! Mosquitos’ life span is mostly short but there are some mosquitoes that will live throughout the entire winter months. These insects will hide in warmer spaces around your property such as garages.


To safeguard your property from buzzing mosquitoes, make sure to check any standing water. With the warmer season ending and the flowers being taken out, ensure you don’t have any water sitting in flowerpots or watering cans, as mosquitoes love to be in moist areas!


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