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What are Snow Fleas?

Dec 13, 2022

Snow fleas


What is a snow flea?

Snow fleas, also known as springtails, scientifically known as Hypogastrura nivicola, only come around when there is wet snow on the ground. Despite the name “flea”, they are not actually anything like fleas. They got their name from their tendency to jump around, just like fleas do. They may seem frightening when in large clusters but are nothing to fret about.


What do snow fleas look like?

snow Flea

Snow fleas are small black bugs found in the snow that people commonly mistake for dirt because they are so tiny. These bugs are only 1.5 millimeters long, oval-shaped, and have 6 legs. They are most commonly found in clusters and, of course, in the snow!


Are snow fleas harmful?

Not at all! Snow fleas are completely harmless creatures. They like to jump in the snow and eat decaying organic matter in the soil. They are extremely helpful to the environment for this reason since they assist in the nourishment of the soil by helping to replenish it faster. 



How to get rid of snow fleas inside your home

Snow fleas are attracted to moist areas and need that moisture to survive. To rid your home of snow fleas, dry out damp areas inside your home that they are attracted to. Below are some examples of where to start:

  • Use a dehumidifier to dry out the space inside your home
  • Discard any damp or moldy wood inside your basement/fireplace
  • Remove any standing water in your basement or around the outside of your home
  • Fix any leaky pipes wherever they are in your home (kitchen, bathroom, basement)


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