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Support Local with Mosquito Hero

Get to Know Entrepreneurs in Your Area

With over 200 locations across Canada and the United States, Mosquito Hero is no insignificant brand. Perhaps you’ve even seen one of our yellow vans driving around recently while on duty. But while Mosquito Hero is a strong, widely recognized brand, what people may not realize is that each location is locally owned and operated. That’s right – when you support Mosquito Hero, you are supporting a local entrepreneur in your area!



Every Mosquito Hero location – from Tampa Bay to Kelowna – is locally owned and operated, run by members of your community who live and work in the area. Given the devastating impacts of the global pandemic at large, it is more important now than ever to give back to your communities by supporting local businesses.


Why is supporting local businesses important?


·   Local businesses are owned and operated by people who care about your community and those living in it. Supporting local businesses helps them to support other businesses in the area and to donate funds to nonprofits that will help you and your neighbours.

·   It shows appreciation for average, hard-working people. Don’t get us wrong, our franchisees are superstars – but they’re also your average hard working humans. Supporting their business shows that you appreciate the hard work that they do each and every day.

·   You are employing people in your community. Supporting local means not only supporting the business owner, but everyone that gets an opportunity to provide for themselves and their families through the business as well.

·   You are supporting entrepreneurial spirit. While owning a business is hard work, it should be an accessible goal for anyone with entrepreneurial dreams. By supporting local business owners, you are helping to keep their dream alive.


If you are in the market for a mosquito control program, consider supporting local with Mosquito Hero.


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