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Mosquitoes Effect Quality of Life

Jun 29, 2022

Almost 60% of homeowners are prevented from enjoying their outdoor summer activities due to mosquitoes. We all have different tolerances to mosquitoes and pesky bugs. For most families, all it takes is one member to react poorly to mosquitoes, which ruins the fun for everyone. Imagine, you noticed it was almost the end of summer and you have not really taken the time to enjoy the warm breezy summer nights. You finally decided to remove yourself from the couch, call your family to join you outside, and have a bonfire and roast marshmallows. Everyone takes a seat around the blaze and then you hear the annoying mosquito buzzing in your ear. You look over and everyone is slapping their arms and waving their hands up as they forfeit to the bloodsuckers. After several attempts with candles, OFF bug spray, and tiki torches the mosquitoes have won. Everyone is forced inside, that is the end to what you thought would be a beautiful summer evening. The family finally made the intentional effort to go enjoy the outdoors and their time was cut short due to the irritating mosquitoes. 

Unfortunately, Americans are not very intentional about going outside, the recommendation is to go outside for at least 5 minutes a day. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) revealed the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. That equates only being outside for ½ a day per week for a lifetime. Varying from state to state due to seasonal changes, we have about 18-24 weekends a year to enjoy warmer weather. Sadly, about ½ of those weekends may be compromised with bad weather leaving the only option to be indoors. This leaves us with only 9-12 weekends each year to thoroughly enjoy the benefits of being outside.

Spending time outdoors and soaking in the natural sunlight can enhance mood and self-esteem, along with decreasing stress and depression. Outdoor stimulation can help cognitive development, according to Franklin County Public Health, “outdoor exercise stimulates all five senses in a way that indoor activities cannot.” When over half of the people are kept indoors due to the irritation of mosquitoes or even the fear of contracting a disease, this can dramatically change how we rejuvenate our bodies and minds. Getting outside is so important for our mind and body to function in the healthiest way. Do not let those troublesome bugs keep you from enjoying an adventure or making memories with the ones you love!

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