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Five Mosquito Bite Home Remedies

Oct 25, 2022

Put an end to itching with these natural remedies

We’ve all been there – the constant itching and unsightly red bumps that derive from the classic mosquito bite. While preventative measures are the first step in avoiding mosquito bites altogether, sometimes bites happen, and we seek out ways to get rid of them (and fast!). That’s why our team at Mosquito Hero has compiled a list of natural home remedies to rid you of your mosquito bites.

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1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera – the gel found inside of an aloe plant – is an effective and cost-efficient multi-use skin remedy. It is generally used to soften the skin and calm irritations and can work to treat psoriasis, sunburns, skin abrasions, and of course, mosquito bites.

You can get a hold of aloe vera in many ways. One way is to acquire an aloe plant, cut open a small section to extract the gel, and apply the gel to the affected area. You can also buy the gel itself at your local drugstore or health food store.




2. White Vinegar

You might be familiar with the apple cider vinegar trend that took hold of the natural wellness conversation not too long ago. But you may not know that the standard white vinegar can be used for health-related issues as well!

To treat a mosquito bite with vinegar, simply dab a drop of vinegar on the affected area to reduce stinging and burning sensations. A bonus is that vinegar is a natural disinfectant, which can help prevent further damage to the skin if the wound has opened. 



3. Honey 

In keeping with the food theme, we suggest trying a drop of honey as a natural remedy for mosquito bites.

Like vinegar, honey also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will help to prevent any further damage to the skin following a mosquito bite.

To use honey as a bite remedy, simply apply a drop to the affected area and leave it on your skin for as long as possible. This should help to reduce inflammation of the affected area (and as a bonus, it will deter you from itching!).




4. Ice

If you’re in a pinch and don’t have any of the above on hand, you may want to try using ice cubes or crushed ice on your mosquito bite. While this won’t disinfect the wound, the cold temperature may reduce inflammation and swelling, and can even numb the area to relieve you of any itchy feelings.

It’s not recommended to put the ice directly on the wound. Instead, wrap it in something like a cloth or paper towel so as not to damage your skin. You can also use an ice pack, or in more desperate times, put a metal spoon in the freezer and press that to the wound.



5. Oatmeal

It is said that oatmeal can relieve swelling and itching since it contains anti-irritant compounds. What you will want to do is create a paste with water and oatmeal. Once you have the right consistency, spoon some of the paste onto a cloth and press it to your bites for about 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes is up, wipe the area clean.

If you are suffering from multiple bites, you could always take an oatmeal bath. Same idea as above but instead you will place the oats directly into the bath water. You will want to soak in the tub for roughly 20 minutes to ensure the oats do the trick.



And there you have it – five natural remedies to soothe an itchy, inflamed mosquito bite. Of course, the ideal situation would be to avoid mosquitoes in the first place, and Mosquito Hero can help with that. Visit our main page to learn more about our mosquito services and find a location near you.


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