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Mosquito “attraction,” explained

Mosquito “attraction,” explained

Why mosquitoes are more attracted to some people than others

Are you the person that, when sitting around a campfire with friends, appears to be the only one being eaten alive by mosquitoes? It’s because you’re attractive.


…no, really! Some people attract mosquitoes more than others. Let’s break down the science behind this phenomenon.



It’s your B.O.


One reason you may be attracting mosquitoes is because of your body’s natural odor. Researchers have found that genes can play a role in body odor and mosquito attraction. This isn’t necessarily a “good” or “bad” smell – just one that mosquitoes quite like.



It’s your blood


Research has also positively linked blood type to mosquito attraction. In a study comparing participants with type A blood and type O blood, researchers found that mosquitoes were attracted to those with type O blood nearly twice as often. But having a blood type that isn’t O doesn’t mean you’re in the clear – it has also been found that people whose skin emits a chemical that indicates their blood type are also more likely to be bitten by a mosquito. Darn!



It’s your outfit


If you find you are attracting mosquitoes more than others around you, it may be that the mosquitoes like your outfit.


 It turns out they can be quite fashionable…


Just kidding. They probably aren’t very interested in the latest trends – just the color you are wearing. Researchers have found that dark-colored clothing, like black, red, or green, makes you easier for mosquitoes to spot. If you are finding mosquitoes are especially attracted to you, it might be time to break out the good old plain white tee.


No matter the reason why mosquitoes are drawn to you, it’s never a pleasant experience. To effectively ward mosquitoes off your property, contact your local Mosquito Hero office and request a free quote today!

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