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Why You Might Want to Think Twice Before Taking a Running Jump into a Pile of Fall Leaves

Nov 21, 2023

kid jumping into pile of leaves


Nothing says fall quite like playing and jumping in piles of fall leaves, but there is one big downside. Just like any other debris, leaf piles make the perfect hiding spot for insects and other pests. These creepy crawlies may make you think twice about participating in this fall fun!

The Perfect Hiding Spot for Ticks

Don’t let the cooling weather fool you. Pretty much every season is tick season, and it’s still important to take precautions against tick bites. Ticks are major carriers of Lyme disease and other harmful illnesses that can impact us and our pets


Ticks love to hide in leaves, brush, and debris, so your raked leaf piles give them an extra perfect hideout where they can lie in wait for opportunities to feed. This means that pets, kids, and kids-at-heart who frolic and play in the leaf piles are running the risk of acquiring tick bites.


If you and your family do opt to play in the leaves, just make sure to give everyone a good inspection at the end. Ticks are attracted to warm areas of the body, like the armpits, scalp, behind the ears, behind the neck, and under clothing (or anywhere else that’s dark and hidden). On pets, they’ll latch onto any part of the body covered in fur, but especially their ears and paws, and burrow their heads deep into the skin to stay warm. Follow our Tick Removal Guide to ensure that ticks are removed cleanly and efficiently.

Expert Control with Mosquito Hero

Is your yard protected? Mosquito Hero’s tick control service aims to eliminate ticks from your property and prevent further tick activity. Our technicians will apply a residual insecticide along property lines, turf and vegetation, and around structures such as dog houses, kennels, sidewalks, pathways, or patios to help defend your household against ticks. 


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