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How Long Can a Single Mosquito Live?

Jul 04, 2022

Do mosquitoes live longer than a couple of days? Absolutely. Male mosquitoes only need nectar from flowers to survive, which is why they only live about a week. But don’t underestimate the males because during this time period they can fertilize thousands of females. Female mosquitoes consume nectar as well but more importantly, blood. In order for them to have offspring and continue the generations, they need protein, which they extract from humans and other animals. Due to this, females are the only ones that bite us. While males only live about a week, females live for 2-3 months. Yikes!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am not a fan of the duration that these insects live! They are also very resilient and when laying their eggs in the fall, those eggs remain dormant and then hatch in the spring. This means that during the summer all those newer generation mosquitoes are in full force, trying to reproduce before time runs out. Mature mosquitoes can thrive in almost any climate other than very cold temperatures (40° and below). Their favorite habitat is around water, but they only need your gutters and/or bird baths to lay eggs and call your yard their home. Don't let these bothersome pests ruin your summer plans!


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