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Guest or Pest: White Grubs

Oct 18, 2023

White Grubs

What Is a White Grub?

These small, C-shaped grubs are identified by their cream or white bodies, brown heads, and brown legs. Grubs are not full grown insects; they’re actually the larvae of certain species of beetles, such as the Japanese beetle, June beetle, and European chafer. This stage of their life cycle can last anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on the species and the environmental conditions. In general, white grubs are most active in the late summer and early fall while they are feeding and growing. 

Guest or Pest?

In the adult stage of their life cycles, beetles do not pose any danger to humans. They do not bite, sting, or spread disease. However, in the larval stage, white grubs can wreak havoc on gardens and residential lawns, particularly in North America. 


White grubs live in the soil and feed on the roots of grasses and other plants, resulting in extensive damage to your lawn. As the damaged patches get larger, the entire lawn can be devastated in a short period of time. Signs of infestation include dead or dying patches of grass, loose turf, and birds or other animals digging in the lawn to feed on the grubs. Infestations are most common in lawns that have been recently established or those that have thin or weak turf. 


Although the adult beetles do not cause damage to the lawn, an increased population of the adult beetles in your area can be an indicator of a grub problem to come.

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