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Guest or Pest: Mayfly

Aug 02, 2023


What Is A Mayfly?

If you’ve ever gone boating on a freshwater lake in the summer, you may have witnessed the phenomenon of a large population of mayflies dead in the water–or, worse, on your boat. Ever wonder why they’re all dying at the same time?


Mayflies (also known as shadflies or fishflies in some regions of the United States and Canada) are aquatic, freshwater insects that spend the majority of their lives underwater in the nymph stage. They surface as adults only for about a day, which is the time it takes to mate and lay eggs. Because of their short lifespan, it’s more common to see large collections of dead mayflies than it is to notice them while they’re alive. But that doesn’t mean that mayflies don’t make the most of their brief time!

Guest or Pest?

While you might beg to differ when you have to hose off your boat, mayflies are a welcome guest in freshwater regions. They don’t bite, sting, or carry disease, so they pose no risk to humans or our pets. They play a really beneficial role in their ecosystems by moving nutrients and carbon around freshwater and land habitats, and they’re a nutritious food source for freshwater fish, which is why some fishing lures are designed to resemble them. Mayflies are also highly sensitive to pollution and won’t inhabit contaminated water, so a population of mayflies is a key indicator that a body of water is clean and healthy!

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