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Guest or Pest: Cicada

Sep 22, 2023


What Is a Cicada?

You may be familiar with the loud, distinctive sound of cicadas in the summer. Known as the loudest insect in the world, cicadas are active above ground for only about 8 weeks a year. Here in North America, we have 2 varieties of cicadas: annual cicadas that emerge once a year and periodical cicadas that only emerge once every 13-17 years!


Measuring about an inch and a half long (with a wingspan twice as wide), cicadas spend most of their lives underground. They emerge to mate and lay their eggs in trees. The nymphs hatch, fall to the ground, and burrow underground until it’s time to emerge and restart the life cycle again. While underground, cicadas feed on the sap from the roots of trees and shrubs.

Guest or Pest?

Despite their almost prehistoric sounds and appearance, cicadas are not harmful to humans, our pets, our gardens, or our crops. They don’t bite, sting, or spread disease. In fact, they even provide some benefits to our environment. As cicadas tunnel to the surface, they provide a little bit of natural soil aeration, which can help the health and appearance of your lawn (just ask our partners over at Weed Man!). Cicadas also serve as a nutritious food source to birds, and when they decompose at the end of their life cycle, they return additional nutrients to the soil. On top of that, cicadas are active aboveground only rarely and temporarily.


For all of these reasons, cicadas are a welcome guest, with one small caveat. If you have young trees in your yard, they may be susceptible to cicada damage when the eggs are laid. During the short periods of time when cicadas are active, you may want to protect young trees with netting (older, established trees will not be harmed at all).

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