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Guest or Pest: Cattail Mosquito

Jul 12, 2023

It’s time for another Guest or Pest, where we shine a light on common bugs that are either harmful or beneficial for humans and our gardens. Today, we’re looking at the notorious cattail mosquito.



What Is the Cattail Mosquito?

Cattail MosquitoThe cattail mosquito (Coquillettidia Perturbans) is a species of mosquito found in regions of North America with freshwater swamps and wetlands that have emergent aquatic vegetation, like cattails. 


In its youngest stages, larva and pupa, the cattail mosquito has a unique ability to acquire oxygen underwater by piercing the hollow roots of aquatic plants. This makes them remarkably difficult to control, as they can hide underwater for long periods of time without accessing areas on the surface that have been treated with larvicides. 

Guest or Pest?

No surprises here. The cattail mosquito is undoubtedly a pest, posing a significant health risk to humans by spreading illnesses like West Nile Virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis and by evading professional mosquito control measures.


Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, barrier mosquito control treatments with residual insecticides are not as effective with cattail mosquitoes as with other mosquito species. While the product itself would be effective if it came in contact with the cattail mosquito, these pests are not physically present at the time of application and do not habitually rest in areas that are treated with residual insecticides. 


If you live near a freshwater swamp or wetland, you can take steps to remove aquatic vegetation, which will in turn make the area less habitable for the cattail mosquitoes, potentially reducing their population.

What About Other Mosquitoes?

The cattail mosquito is just one of hundreds of other varieties of mosquito that reside in North America. While we cannot guarantee a reduction in cattail mosquitoes, our effective mosquito control programs can help you reclaim your outdoor space from other mosquito species


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