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7 Interesting Facts About Mosquitoes

Sep 09, 2022

Fact # 1: Mosquitos are the most dangerous species

Some mosquitoes carry harmful diseases and when they latch onto your skin and suck your blood, they release saliva into your bloodstream. If the mosquito carries a disease, you will also get infected. Double interesting fact, mosquitoes have killed more humans this way than any other animal on this planet!


Fact # 2: Being pregnant makes you more susceptible to bites

Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and can detect it from very far away. Pregnant women produce 20% more carbon dioxide than non-pregnant people. Therefore, being outside while pregnant can result in more bites than other people around them.


Fact # 3: Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs

That’s right! Female mosquitoes can live up to 4 weeks and through their lifecycle, they reproduce and can lay anywhere up to 300 eggs at a time. In their 4 weeks of life, they can carry eggs a total of 3 times. If they produce 300 eggs each time, that’s 900 baby mosquitoes born just from 1 mosquito!

Fact # 4: Only need an inch of water to lay eggs

In order for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, water must be included in this process. Only an inch of water is needed to complete this stage. Places that can hold water around your property can be an old tire, watering cans, flowerpots, gutters, and many more places that carry more than an inch of water!


Fact # 5: There are 3500 known mosquito species

That’s a lot of mosquitoes, right? Double fact, only 10% want our blood! That is 350 species that need human blood to reproduce. Now that number may be less scary but still is a lot! With that many species, mosquitoes will likely never die off completely.

Fact # 6: There are NO mosquitoes in Iceland

Mosquitoes exist everywhere except in Iceland. They say that because of the steady cold climate, mosquitoes won't travel to Iceland as it is inhabitable for these creatures.


Fact # 7: Mosquitoes pee on you while sucking your blood

Mosquitoes don’t weigh much so when they suck your blood, they need to release substance inside of them to fit the maximum amount of blood. They drink more than 5 milligrams which is double their weight, hence why they extract their urine onto you.


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