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Guest or Pest: Aphids

Nov 15, 2023

Aphids on leaf

What is an Aphid?

Aphids are very tiny, soft bodied insects that feed on the nutrient-rich sap of many varieties of plants. They can be green, black, brown, red, or pink, and they are easily visible to the eye. Aphids are extremely common in garden beds, and are, in general, no cause for alarm. However, it’s a good idea to check the leaves and stems of your plants for the presence of aphids every once in a while, so you’ll be ready to act if you start to see aphid-related damage in your garden.

Guest or Pest?

Aphids do not bite, sting, or spread disease, and in small quantities they are fairly harmless in our gardens. However, large populations can wreak havoc! Because aphids feed on sap, which your garden plants need to survive, severe aphid feeding can result in distorted plant growth, like yellowing, curled, or twisted leaves and stems, as well as dead plant shoots. Aphids also leave behind a sticky waste residue called honeydew, which in turn attracts other pests, like yellowjackets, or encourages the growth of unsightly fungi on your plants.


Fortunately, aphids are fairly easy to control. A strong rainstorm or the direct stream of your garden hose will knock them off your plants and help wash away the honeydew they leave behind. Other garden insects can also lend a helping hand. In fact, it is estimated that a ladybug eats up to 5,000 aphids over the course of its lifetime! And keeping your garden beds free of weeds will help reduce opportunities for aphids to feed in your outdoor space.

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