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Protecting Pollinators

Mosquito Hero Protecting Pollinators Policy

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Mosquito Hero has a Best Management Practices Policy for pollinators in place to ensure pollinators are not harmed when completing an application to a customer’s property. Before the application, a Mosquito Hero technician will perform an inspection of the property to locate flowering plants that are attractive to pollinators. We do not make applications to the flowers or foliage of blooming plants, including weeds (unless specifically allowed by the label instructions). Technicians will monitor environmental conditions before, during, and after treatment to keep insecticides where they are intended to be applied.

The products we use are at a low concentration and our ability to target mosquitoes specifically and not harm other beneficial insects is extremely high. We also have a Pollinator Policy in place where we follow label directions to ensure we are not harming any pollinators during application. Mosquito Hero’s products are all regulated by the EPA and are bound by the label to apply it in a manner that is safe for the environment and people near it. Each of our technicians is trained on how best to avoid potential concerns of harming pollinators as per our policy.

The risk to pollinators is very limited after the application because of the pyrethrin’s repellent activity and its rapid breakdown. Despite what you read in the press, in Canada, honeybee populations are at an all-time high. In 2021, there were approximately 810,496 honeybee colonies, an increase from 764,616 the previous year and up from 690,000 hives in 2012. As in all things, it’s “the dose that makes the poison”. Concentrations of around 1% are the label recommendation that we use. It is extremely low and is meant to only be effective on smaller, soft-bodied insects like mosquitoes. In most cases, we are not killing the insects as much as we are repelling them based on their natural dislike of pyrethroids or pyrethrins.

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