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Frequently Asked Questions

Mosquito Hero is a safe way to protect your property from pesky mosquitoes. Using our mosquito treatment for your outdoor space, it will reduce the population of mosquitoes in your yard and will protect you from unwanted bites. Our trained technicians will come to evaluate your property to determine the most habitable spaces and will come spray affected areas each month for guaranteed mosquito control. Mosquito Hero makes it a priority to provide you with valuable information on mosquitoes to ensure a safer outdoor living space once again.

Most Common Questions

Mosquito treatments whether they are natural based treatments or synthetic-based treatments are evaluated for safety from Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency. These registered compounds are safe and effective when they are prepared and applied according to their labeled use. Prior to their approval for use, scientific risk-assessments are performed by the PMRA, using all available data. From such assessments, acceptable safe residue levels are established which is often six orders of magnitude—one-millionth—of levels that could be harmful. However, we do recommend that children and pets be kept inside during spraying, and for a minimum of 30 minutes after the application has been completed. 

Although water is a common breeding ground for mosquitoes, it would be environmentally irresponsible to treat these areas. For this reason, we maintain a safe distance from any water sources when applying our mosquito control treatment. 

No. The products Mosquito Hero uses are completely safe for any other animals when used according to label directions. We recommend waiting for the application to dry (approximately half an hour) prior to allowing pets in your yard.

While a one-time treatment is effective in temporarily reducing mosquito populations, monthly treatments are required to continue the extermination cycle.

Before Service

Nope! Although we would love to see our customers, it is not necessary for someone to be present on the day of service. If you properly prepare for the service the morning of, there should be no problems. If you are unable to be home for our visit, we’ll send out a service summary through email or via text, indicating details about the service we performed.

We ask that if you have a gate, be sure that it is accessible for our technicians to get through. I.e., unlocked! If you have any pets, we kindly ask that you keep them inside for the day of service so that our techs are able to perform the service without interruption and in a timely manner.

After Service

Rain does not affect the treatment. As long as the weather subsides for enough time to let the application dry (30 – 45 minutes, depending on humidity), the treatment will not be affected. The product is designed to last and precipitation will not be a problem to worry about.

General Questions

Potentially. Some mosquitoes do carry diseases and if bitten by one, you could get infected but that’s not to say that all bites are dangerous.

If you’re experiencing mosquitoes in your home, it is likely because they are coming in from your garage, a broken or unsealed window, or screen doors. Mosquitoes are tiny in size, so can easily squeeze through any small space.

Mosquito Hero takes the size of your property into consideration when deciding these factors. We price our applications based on the size and density of your property and the amount of product we’ll need to use. Each property is unique, and we customize our application to successfully treat your mosquito problem. Request a free quote from us, today!

Remove mosquito habitats. Two stages of the mosquito lifecycle require water. Eliminating sources that collect standing water such as old tires, clogged gutters, bird baths or areas where puddles are formed effectively reduces mosquito breeding grounds.

There are over 2,700 different mosquito species around the world. They serve as food sources for a wide range of organisms, such as plants and animals, but are not critical to any predator species.

Mosquitoes tend to rest on the underside of leaf surfaces, in dense plant material such as trees, shrubs, hedges, grasses & under structures like decks, porches, and stairways. 
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